About us

Doctor Titanium Instruments aims, not only to introduce high-quality Dental Instruments to the world market but also to continue, at its best, a renovating process to bring home to Dentist innovations coming up through the latest trends and technology. 

Doctor Titanium Instruments has its foundations, deeper as long as 17 years when two skilled men renowned for their workmanship and expertise in manufacturing of Dental Instruments.

We earned recognition from USA, European, Russian, Asian Market and also from the majority of instrument companies of the world. Doctor Titanium Instruments has its Headquarters at Sialkot (Pakistan), from where it supplies its instruments to many countries of the world, as well as looks after the progress of its sole representatives in selected regions of the world, gradually growing its business around the globe.

As we move forward to step with modern trends and demand, we have successfully achieved the approval of CE Mark and ISO 9001 certified.
Products Quality
What sets our products apart from the competition? Our products are different from others in the following manner. Quality: They will comply with the exact specification provided by the customer.
Our products are always perfect for the function they are made for.
We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections, and process control activities to ensure that there is no problem with the products. We will also give the technical specifications to improve the confidence of the customer.
We give our customers the guarantee that our products are reliable in use even after using them up till an extended period. Our products will perform their function efficiently more than any other products of similar nature in the market. Because all of our products are made in our facility by the workers who are best in their workmanship, and commitment.


Yes. Doctor Titanium Instruments ships worldwide on a daily basis. Like any other well managed business today, Instruments may also be purchased from us at various specialty trade shows throughout the course of the year.

Our instruments are crafted from high quality German material.

Yes, you can buy a set or kit according to your requirements. We have an extensive range of Dental instruments sets specified for relevant uses.

Our high quality, premium design and crystal finishing of products makes us different from other competitors. 

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